Friday, March 20, 2015

Music: Paper Aeroplanes (& the wonders of Noise Trade)

I, like so many people, am completely, utterly, obsessed with music. However, given the weird mood swings I've been having, it's been hard to sit down and listen to music without skipping a song every 15 seconds. Lately, I think I've been kind of obsessing about lighter tunes and maybe that's why I've been skipping almost every song that my iTunes starts playing. I love rock music and whatnots, but it's just not something I've been feeling like listening to, because a lot of noise is making me a lot more tired than I used to feel back when I was 14. After working during the whole day and spending 4 hours at the university at night, when I come home I just want to crash on the couch and listen to relaxing music for a little while. 

In the spirit of getting to know more artists, I started using Noise Trade. I think it's great, because they feature a lot of independent musicians and offer free downloads. So, every week and weekend I get an email about their "new & notable" musicians, with a little "sounds like" part. On every Saturday, then, I go clicking on their recommended artists' profiles and sampling their music. Every now and then I download something. Yays for free and legal music downloads! :) So, acoustic, alternative folk, indie, irish, welsh and other similar genres have constantly been on my playlist (now that I have these genres on it, haha).

Anyways, this week I got to know Paper Aeroplanes. They're an alternative-folk (and pop-ish) band from West Wales, formed by Sarah Howells and Richard Llwellyn. It was love at first play, and it was a song called Red Rover (here).

paper aeroplanes music relaxing
Picture: Paper Aeroplanes Official Website (link). 
Sarah has a beautiful, haunting, delicate voice & the melodies are very sweet, light, and beautifully written. Perfect for a "I just want to relax" night. So far, they've released three full-length albums, The Day We Ran Into the SeaWe Are Ghosts and Little Letters. I haven't downloaded all of them yet, because ~money~, but you can get them here.  

From the songs I've listened to, Red Rover is definitely my favourite. But I'm also very much in love with these other two:

I can't believe I have just gotten to know this band. Yays for Noise Trade and their weekly newsletters! Did you like them? Do you know similar musicians? Do any of you use Noise Trade?


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