Friday, June 20, 2014

FILMS: Chick Flicks


Today was one of those "I don't feel like moving an inch" kind of days. I've been having a lot of those lately, but today I gave myself completely to this feeling. I stayed in bed with my dog watching chick flicks on Netflix. I watched 3 of those, showered and started thinking. (And now here I am, hurray.)

I don't know how people that are in my social circles see me, but they just find themselves surprised whenever I mention that I watched this chick flick and it was so cool or something like that. Just because I talk about "weirdo" independent or old films or, I DON'T REALLY KNOW... Why do people look at me and see someone who would never enjoy a chick flick?

Sometimes, people just want to have fun. Sometimes I just want to watch a movie without super smart dialogues, heavily detailed scenery and a deep, philosophical plot. And, sometimes, it's not about what I don't want, but it's about what I want: feeling warm, happy, detaching from reality and falling straight to a obvious happily ever after story. Watching a romance and not thinking "My god, this never happens in real life", but "If people came up with this, then it's possible, right?" instead, and feeling O.K., not because my life's perfect or because nothing bothers me - but because there still are people out there who are romantics, who would act simply out of love. No second intentions. Nothing between the lines. Just love. 

Of course, it's so much easier when you keep telling yourself the contrary. Or maybe not even the contrary, but something in the lines of "These people exist, I'm just not going to meet any of them". You put up walls, avoiding any hurting, humiliation or embarrassment. But the thing is, are people really judging you so much? Because, let's face it, everyone goes through heartaches.

I really admire all these characters in books and in films that are very honest with themselves and everybody else when it comes to love. When they admit that they are confused, that they are wrong, that they have to break someone's heart to go after the one they love, that heartbreak isn't the end of the world and that there's no need for some twisted hide and seek when it comes to love - that's when I sink into love stories.

I think most people I know put up some sort of wall to not seem too naive, too innocent, to the world, because the world is cruel and blah blah blah (myself included). In chick flicks, there is no such thing. No matter how cliché the story may be, I like wasting a couple of hours every now and then to lose myself in a reality with little floating hearts, bffs, champagne, laughter, guys on their knees, tears of joy, sweet soundtrack and everything related.

Babbling aside, here are the chick flicks I've spent my precious time on today:

(I'd rate them all , although How do You Know was my favourite.)

Do you like chick flicks? What are your favourite ones? Have you watched any of these I just talked about?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

TRAVEL: Somewhere amongst the mountains... one of my favourite places in the whole wide world. I am obviously not a big connoisseur of the corners of the world, but Cipó (Serra do Cipó - Brazil) will always have a special place in my heart.

I've known Cipó since ever. One of my oldest memories is of my cousins and I playing in the mud, riding our bikes or swimming in the river. There's my great-grandpa's house, a huge piece of land, hiking tracks, my grandpa's house, trees, waterfalls, nature, beauty and peace.

I miss it very much, and going back there doesn't change this feeling. The place's still there, nothing has changed much physically, but it just doesn't feel the same anymore. Not without dad, not without my brother, not without innocence and childhood.

Do any of you have a special place like this? One in which you'd spend most of your childhood and brings back a ton of happy memories when you picture it?