Monday, February 16, 2015

Beginning (or restarting..?)

I always get super excited!!!!!! when I finish editing a blog's layout and publish said blog for the whole wide world to see it. I make a list of things I want to write about, I promise myself "I shall not abandon this blog, blahblahblah". 

A Creepy Mess, Lost in Yin Yang, Sensible Derangement, Cynic and Critic. These are a few names of blogs I had the past 2 and a half years. My online life was a reflection of my real life: roller coaster crazy. Finishing high school; trying to sort out majors; dating someone mostly because I was so damn scared to be alone when entering adulthood; hating my body; trying to find peace in a messy routine of work + study. Etc. All in a 2,5-year period. 

Then wisdom came to me. I decided to quit bloggin' until I had something figured out. I lived abroad for a couple of months and it was so fantastic. I learned so much - about places, people, but, most importantly, about myself. I'd dare say that I have figured 40% of myself out - which is saying a lot.

Looking back at last year's resolutions (obviously published in one of those blogs), it seemed like 2014 had been a very fulfilling year. I'd achieved everything I had planned - well, except going back to the gym. But, seriously, it was crazy, because I only started to focus on my 2014 resolutions in September. Which means, yep, I did everything in 3 months. Maybe not the best way to put your new year's resolutions into actions. 

So, I'll take things slow this year. My resolution for 2015 is one and only: to take proper care of myself. Stop putting my health at the sideshow just because it's hard to fit it in my work/study routine. Sounds quite egocentric, but it's something I have to do after spending the past years dedicating myself to people who could've been better to me. 

words at dawn will be a space in which I'll share little bits of the randomness and journey of self-acceptance/care/love mentioned above.

Edit: I shall import some of my old and most read posts from my old blogs to this one :)

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Hope you'll enjoy it :)


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